Saturday, August 23, 2014

not mine.

Not written by me.  I found this and I want to save it somewhere.. here seems appropriate.

The one that got away
I did not follow
somewhere across a sea
with dried blood.
The one that took hook, line, sinker,
rod, reel, arm, wrist, hand, shoulder
swallowed me whole
            without breaking stride
or whatever it is the 'big ones' do
that leaves you standing slack-jawed on the shore

That trick of light on the skin
the shimmer-glide through the water
            just beneath the surface
that draws the eye somewhere beyond itself
and drowns it in desire

Open palmed
I stretch across the glittering waves
that hold a darkness I well know.
But eyes see only light or absence of it.
And even inland I still see the glimmer
            of her body as it flits away
shining in my misery
drowning in my blindness

Friday, August 22, 2014

july 13, 2006

18 year old ashley was strange. just thought i should tell you.  and you.  and you and you and you.

it was a mistake, most certainly, for so few great things come planned. quiet, quiet, quietly i whisked my scarf around my neck and crept through the slit between the door and its frame.

and i was out. the cool air danced, nipping at my cheeks and eyelids - it was brisk, slicing, vicious. rubber to the road, i ran, adidas sneakers in a whirl beneath me. it was away i craved.. and away i went.

headlights flashed in either direction, but rarely. it brought me there – it was the moonlight again. my destination. the water ahead and below me was inviting. i jumped! free-falling, falling, falling. seafoam all around me. wrists bound. scarlet fluttering. and burning, burning lungs.